What we do

The service offers assessment for any child whose parents or health and educational professionals are concerned about their hearing. We provide hearing assessments for children, using techniques that are age and developmentally appropriate. We have modern facilities at St Martin’s Hospital on the south side of Bath that include specialist equipment for testing children under the age of two and a half.

We can see any child whose family doctor is in: Bath & North East Somerset Frome and Shepton Mallet in East Mendip North West Wiltshire (Malmesbury to Warminster and Bradford- on-Avon across to Devizes)

Many of the children that we see have a temporary hearing loss caused by congestion behind the eardrum (‘glue ear’). We can monitor the hearing of these children and refer on for intervention if necessary. We also provide specialist care for children with permanent hearing loss. These children are seen regularly for monitoring and hearing aid support. Our specialist paediatric audiologists work with hearing support teachers from the Sensory Support Services, and paediatric hearing aid audiologists from the Royal United Hospital, Bath.

Many of our children are first seen as babies, because a hearing concern was picked up by the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme. For other children, a hearing problem becomes apparent when seen in clinic as an older child. We review and monitor children with known hearing loss, with or without hearing aids. We are also pleased to support children with permanent hearing loss who have moved in to the area from another audiology service.


How to refer

Click here for information on how to refer to the Audiology service.