The Wiltshire Autism Assessment Team provides one coordinated service for the assessment of possible Autism. Families will have a named Autism Practitioner who will guide and support them throughout the assessment process.

In order to make a diagnosis for the child or young person, the Autism Assessment Team will gather information from a number of sources, including pre-schools, schools, parents and carers and other health professionals.

The child or young person will be seen for a medical appointment with a Community Paediatrician and for a social communication assessment with an Autism Practitioner. Information will be gathered from people who know the child or young person well. The evidence gathered will be reviewed by the Autism Assessment Team and a decision will be agreed with the family regarding an Autism diagnosis.

An Autism Practitioner will share the conclusion of the assessment at a Post Assessment Meeting. The meeting will help identify how to access the appropriate support for the child. Following this meeting, the child or young person will be discharged from the Wiltshire Autism Assessment Service.