The Children’s Community Nursing Service is a skilled team of specialist Community Children’s Nurses that provide a wide range of nursing and extended nursing roles.

We provide a flexible and accessible service that gives support and advice to children and young people with life limiting and life threatening conditions.

How can we help?

We work in partnership with a range of other professionals to achieve the right outcomes for the children and young people who require our service.

We work with children and young people within their usual environment. By doing this, we are able to reduce the number of hospital stays/visits. This helps towards ensuring that the child or young person has access to the same care opportunities as those without additional needs.

We offer support to children and young people who require:

  • Co-ordination and monitoring of complex care and medical needs
  • Oxygen therapy and /or oxygen monitoring
  • Feeding management and support where needs include care of nasogastric and gastrostomy tubes
  • Cardiac anomalies
  • Palliative care

We work in partnership with a wide range of professionals to achieve outcomes. 

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Who might my child see?

The Children’s Community Nursing teams are registered Children’s Nurses.

Your child may first meet a Community Nurse prior to discharge from a hospital setting, at home after referral to the service or in their school setting where nursing support and training has been requested.

What happens next? 

To access the Children’s Community Nursing Service the young person will need to be registered with a Wiltshire GP.

After a referral has been accepted, a Children’s Community Nurse will make contact and an initial visit will be arranged at an appropriate location to determine the nursing care and support needed.

The nurse will then discuss the assessment process with you to formulate and agree a Health Care Plan.