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Bladder and Bowel

The Bladder and Bowel service promotes continence and supports effective management of incontinence for children and young people aged 4 -18 years (19 if the young person has an identified learning disability). The service works closely with the Health Visiting and School Nursing Services.

What does the service do?

We provide a nurse-led flexible service to meet the continence needs of children and young people aged 4-19 years old.

Continence problems affect 1 in 12 young people. Between three and five per cent of children aged five to 17 have daytime wetting problems; one third of these will also experience bedwetting. In addition, between one and three per cent of children experience soiling (faecal incontinence).

Every young person has the right to become continent whenever it is physically possible for them. Clinical experience indicates that even for children with learning difficulties, becoming toilet trained is an achievable goal.

We offer early identification, assessment and management of children and young people’s continence problems and can help with daytime wetting, bowel problems, toilet training difficulties and delay in toilet training.

How to do I access the service?

All referrals to this service should be supported by a healthcare professional. This might be a health visitor, school nurse, community children’s learning disabilities nurse, GP or paediatrician.

It is expected these professionals will offer a first line intervention prior to referring to the continence service.

Once a referral is accepted, we will send an appointment for your child or young person to be seen at one of our clinics.

We have clinics in several locations across Wiltshire and endeavour to give appointments at clinics located closest to a person’s home address. Appointments can also be offered at home or school where medical need requires it.

The first appointment is for approximately three-quarters of an hour. Follow-up appointments are generally 15 minutes long, however due to their sensitive nature we sometimes find times can overrun a little.

What happens at your first appointment?

At the first appointment our continence nurse specialist will carry out a careful assessment to build up a picture of why your child or young person has a problem and what can be done to help. We will discuss the options for treatment and management with you and your child.

Treatment is tailored towards toileting readiness and makes use of evidence-based guidelines. We liaise with multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals and other children’s services to deliver individual care.

What additional services do we offer?

We offer the following additional services:

  • Training and education
  • Home visits
  • Home delivery of continence products
  • Advice and fitting of suitable continence aids and appliances.