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Looking after your baby’s teeth


Taking good care of your child’s teeth from the first tooth onwards is vital.  This is so you and they can build good habits and have healthy teeth as they grow up.




You can see our Oral health presentation slides HCRGpptoralhealthmar22 for more information.




Try to limit sugary foods and drinks for your family. Some ideas for swapping snacks and healthy recipes can be found at and

Questions and Answers

When should I start brushing baby's teeth

Teeth should be brushed as soon as the first tooth appears, usually around 6months. As your child gets older you could brush your teeth together. Parents/Carers should brush or supervise tooth brushing until at least 7 years of age.

To encourage children to brush their teeth you could use a egg timer or the the Brushdj App which is free.

How do I brush my child's teeth?

Buy your baby/toddler/child/ a toothbrush and toothpaste suitable for their age.

Children under 3 years old should use a smear of tooth paste and children between 3-6 years no more than a pea-size amount. The amount of fluoride that is in the toothpaste can be found on the side of the tube or on the packaging.

Teeth should be brushed twice a day for 2 minutes: once before bed and at least 1 other time. Then toothpaste should be spat out not rinsed to give the fluoride time to work.

When should I take my child to the dentist?

You can start taking your child to the dentist as soon as he/she has teeth! It is a good idea to take them along with you when you are visiting the dentist so they can get used to the experience.

NHS dental care for children in England is free (

You can find details of local dentists here.