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‘Bedwetting is a medical condition and primary bedwetting does not have a psychological cause. It can have a big impact on a child’s self-esteem and emotional health as well as taking its toll on parents’.

Bedwetting in young children is normal and it can take some time before a child is dry through the night.

Bedwetting is not anybody’s fault. The child is not being lazy and should not be punished.

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How can we help?

If your child is school-aged and you have concerns about bedwetting, please call the SPA on 03002470090 to speak to the duty SN. They will be able to provide advice and information on the assessment process.

Support will be given by telephone contact with a trained school nurse or school staff nurse.

Bedwetting can also be caused by constipation. If you have concerns that your child may be constipated, please see your GP.

If your child is experiencing daytime wetting then you can get support from the Children’s continence team by calling the SPA on 03002470090.

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