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Supporting documentation

Alongside the Request for support form, some of our services require additional documentation to aid their decision making process.

On this page, you will find a list of our services that require additional information, as well as the links to download the appropriate documents (where applicable) for each clinical pathway.

List of services requiring supporting documentation

Community Paediatrics

Chronic neurodisability

  • Neurodisability diagnostic letter

Developmental delay

  • Schedule of growing skills (SOGS)

Macrocephaly / microcephaly

  • Head circumference plotted on a centile graph

Request for ADHD medication (for a young person with an existing ADHD diagnosis)

Sleep difficulties (for a young person with an existing neurodevelopmental disorder)

  • Neurodevelopmental disorder diagnostic letter

Integrated Therapies (Occupational therapy and Physiotherapy)

This includes our Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy services.

Neurodevelopmetal assessment (e.g. Suspected Autism or ADHD)

This is a diagnostic only service for conditions which may include suspected Autism, and in children over five years suspected ADHD, amongst other neurodevelopmental conditions

Request for ADHD medication discussion

  • If a transfer of care to our services, evidence of an ADHD diagnosis is required e.g. clinic / diagnosis letter

Speech and language therapy


Fluency / stammering

Speech and language difficulties


  • ENT clinic letter
  • Cover letter (if not directly from ENT)

Re-referrals into the service