What information do we require?

Request for support form

Our Request for Support form is the primary way to refer to the majority of our services based in Wiltshire.  It can be filled out electronically, or printed off and filled out by hand.

Please note: Our Audiology service which covers North & West Wiltshire and Bath & North East Somerset has a separate Audiology referral form.

For GPs using SystmOne

If you use SystmOne as your clinical system, then you should refer to us directly using our Ardens WCCS Referral form.  This is by far the quickest and easiest way to access our services.

  • Click the orange arrow icon under the patient’s name to open the ‘Communications – Wiltshire’ template.
  • Click the ‘Paediatrics’ tab.
  • Click the ‘WCCS Referral Form’ and complete form in full and save (also reference in the referral any other relevant documents saved on the patient record that we should reference as a part of the referral).
  • Finally click the ‘Send Referral’ button and this will send an electronic referral as a task to the SPA.

If you send us a referral through SystmOne, please do not email or post a duplicate to the SPA.

Supporting documentation

Some of our services require documentation in addition to the Request for Support form to aid their clinical decision making process.  We have developed a handy Supporting documentation guidance checklist which provides detail on the additional supporting information required for each service and pathway. You can download the Supporting documentation guidance HERE.

You can download all the supporting documentation on our service pages. Please visit our service directory for a list of our services.

What makes a good referral?

We ask that, when filling out the form or supporting documentation, you provide clear and concise detail in each section so that our clinical team are able to fully understand the needs of the child or young person. Where appropriate, include examples of:

  • The child or young person’s strengths
  • The child or young person’s difficulties
  • What the child or young person and the family are hoping to achieve from the referral
  • What has been tried already, and whether any previous interventions have been successful
  • What you believe to be their primary area of need

If you have any queries, or are unclear regarding what information you need to provide, don’t hesitate to contact the Single Point of Access who will be happy to help.


Sending information securely

The safest (and fastest) way to send confidential information to us is via a secure or encrypted email route. If you have an email address that ends in the following domain, then it is safe for you to send us information by email, without encryption:

  • Nhs.net
  • Secure.nhs.uk
  • Gov.uk
  • Cjsm.net
  • Pnn.police.uk
  • Mod.uk
  • Parliament.uk

If you don’t have an email address that ends in the above, don’t worry!

Just send us an email, or give us a call, informing us that you wish to send something that includes confidential data, then we can reply using the NHS encrypted email service. You will receive an email that asks you to create an account and log in to view the email.

You can then reply, forward and add confidential attachments to correspondence which will be encrypted. For guidance on using the NHS encrypted emails service, see the Accessing encrypted emails guidance document.

An alternative way of sending confidential information to us is via post to:

Wiltshire Single Point of Access
Virgin Care Services Limited,
1st Floor, Technology House,
Unit 10,
High Post Business Park,
Salisbury SP4 6AT

For pre-schools, schools and partner organisations

If you regularly send us confidential information and you do not have access to a secure email domain, as listed above, we can sponsor your organisation to have an nhs.net email account. If you are interested in this and believe it would be beneficial, contact the Single Point of Access for further information.

What happens next?

After the Single Point of Access receive your referral, we will check to make sure all the required information is included, and whether we are the most appropriate service to meet the needs of the child or young person. We may contact you for further information at this point, if anything needs clarifying.

If it is determined that we are not the most appropriate service for the child or young person at this time, then we will signpost you to other service providers, community or online resources that can meet their needs. We are always happy to discuss our decision, or advise and support you over the phone if you have any questions.

If it is determined that we are the most appropriate service for the child or young person, we will inform you of this decision and what clinical intervention we believe is required. Some services may request more detailed information at this point, prior to an appointment.